Google Hangout with Nicola Finetti

June 4th, 2013 by

It’s been a big month for the fashion design students at Open Colleges with a recent Google Hangout with internationally acclaimed designer Nicola Finetti. This online event allowed students to meet Nicola, who gave an interview and shared his life experiences with online design students from Sydney, Fremantle in Perth and The Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

With just a Gmail account and a webcam, students were able to spend half an hour online with Nicola to hear him discuss his fashion design process; from conceptualising an idea, through to the garment arriving on his boutique or department store floors, then on to being sold to the customer.

Emese Boardman, the Course Coordinator for fashion design, mentioned that Nicola spoke of, “his background and how he started his label, and why he chose Australia to start his label, rather than selecting Italy or Europe.” Nicola also spoke about “sourcing materials, for example, fabrics, and the difference between the European and Australia fashion labels and markets.”

Born in Italy, to a Yugoslavian mother and Italian father, Nicola studied architecture in Rome, lived in Italy, Argentina and now resides and works in Australia. Nicola sees his life experiences as forming part of the influences of his style and creative direction, finding strong inspiration in contrast such as “north-south, white-black, or constraint-freedom.”

Emese will be organising another Google Hangout later in the year, probably during the evening to allow other students to attend. The recording of Nicola Finetti is now available on OpenSpace for all students to view.

The reaction from students has been positive, with design student Kay, remarking, “Wow still pinching myself that I had a cup of tea and a chat with Nicola Finetti! Thank you so much for the experience! It was very, very exciting! Thank you!”

Kathie, who watched the Hangout online, was also inspired by the experience, “(The Hangout) provides a real glimpse into fashion. I really enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting. It provided a great insight into the fashion industry, because you don’t really get any idea of it until you are actually are in it. It’s fantastic that you are able to bring it to us! Great work, thanks!”

Online learning is not just about filling in workbooks in your own time; Open Colleges is increasingly looking at ways to bring collaborative learning experiences to its students.

For more information on Nicola Finetti and his creations, check out the Nicola Finetti website.

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